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AUTHOR: Dr. Julia Shaw
PUBLISHER: Abrams Press
DATE: 2022
PAGES: 240

Bi: The Hidden Culture, History, and Science of Bisexuality

by Dr. Julia Shaw

A provocative, eye-opening, and original book on the science of sexuality beyond gender from an internationally bestselling pop-psychologist.

Despite all the welcome changes that have happened in our culture and laws over the past few decades in regards to sexuality, the subject remains one of the most influential but least understood aspects of our lives. For psychologist and bestselling author Julia Shaw, this is both professional and personal—Shaw studies the science of sexuality and she herself is proudly and vocally bisexual.

It’s an admission, she writes, that usually causes people’s pupils to dilate, their cheeks to flush, and their questions to start flowing. Ask people to name famous bisexual actors, politicians, writers, or scientists, and they draw a blank. Despite statistics that show bisexuality is more common than homosexuality, bisexuality is often invisible.

In BI: The Hidden Culture, History, and Science of Bisexuality, Shaw probes the science and culture of attraction beyond the binary. From the invention of heterosexuality to the history of the Kinsey scale, as well as asylum seekers trying to defend their bisexuality in a court of law, there is so much more to explore than most have ever realized. Drawing on her own original research—and her own experiences—this is a personal and scientific manifesto; it’s an exploration of the complexities of the human sexual experience and a declaration of love and respect for the nonconformists among us. 

table of contents
  • Introduction: I Want More
  • 1. The Bi Option
    • Inventing bisexuality
    • Blunt questions
    • Klein grid
    • Middle ground
  • 2. Our History
    • We’re here, we’re queer!
    • The obscene book
    • Sexual inverts
    • Decapitated angel
    • The unwelcomed visitor
  • 3. Nothing but Mammals
    • Born this way?
    • Gay giraffes
    • Darwinian paradox
    • Ramifications
    • Bent bars
    • Come play with me
  • 4. The Bisexual Closet
    • Coming out into
    • Family secrets
    • Work it
    • Troubled
    • Biversity
    • Why us?
    • Freedom
  • 5. Invisi-bi-lity
    • Do I look bi?
    • Our own space
    • Sex perversion
    • Parasocial
    • Sexy but deadly
  • 6. It’s Political
    • Where love is illegal
    • Sexuality on trial
    • Can’t change me
    • Loophole
    • No promo homo
    • Political powerhouses
  • 7. Free Love
    • Cherry Chapstick
    • Everybody loves threesomes
    • Compulsory monogamy
    • Chain reaction
    • Intimacy transformation
  • 8. Conclusion: Bidentity
    • Bidentity development
    • Be free


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