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EDITORS: Loraine Hutchins, Lani Kaahumanu
CONTRIBUTORS: Sharon Forman Sumpter, Susan Carlton, Carol A. Queen, Cornelius Utz, Amanda Yoshizaki, Alan Silver, Ann Fox, Joe Rios, Laura Johnson, Dave Matteson, Laney Nelson, C.J. Barragan III, Ellen Terris, Chandini Goswami, Nate Brown, C. K. Ferrier, Wayne Bryant, Lisa Yost, Rifka Reichler, Nachama, Victoria Woodard, Ronda Slater, Dajenya, Karen Hurley, David Lourea, Annie Sprinkle, Neil MacLean, Karla Rossi, Loraine Hutchins, Leonard Tirado, Betsy Rose, Elizabeth Reba Weise, Michael Brewer, Brenda Blasingame, Hap Stewart, Irene Wolt, Bobbi Keppel, Billy and Peaches Jones, Chris Girard, Richard Susan Bassein, Mattie Key, Selena Julie Whang, Shu Wei Chen, Janet Bohac, Paul Haut, Kei Uwano, Marcy Sheiner, Obie Leyva, Marcy Sheiner, Matthew, Robyn Ochs, Christopher Alexander, Lisa Orlando
Coming out to Congress by Cliff Arnesen, Sharon Hwang Colligan, Naomi Tucker, Dajenya, Rebecca Gorlin, Dolores Bishop, ben e factory, Rebeecca Shuster, Ann Schneider, Elise Krueger, Lenore Norrgard, Lucy Friedland, Liz A. Highleyman, Sheilah Mabry, Rich Aranow, Lani Kaahumanu, Beth Elliot, Karen Klassen, Loraine Hutchins, Michael Ambrosino, Amanda Udis-Kessler
PUBLISHER: Alyson Books
DATE: 1991
PAGES: 379

Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out

edited by Loraine Hutchins and Lani Kaahumanu

When did you know? How did you come out? What was your experience? The coming out stories in this book speak to the many ways bisexuals embrace realities outside rigid either/or categories throughout the passage of our lives. Everyday stories of women, men, transgender bisexuals, teenagers to octogenarians, from many different cultures and family arrangements. The fierce truth of these lives made visible puts a check on bisexual erasure, exposing the binary constructions of gay/straight and male/female as oversimplifications that reduce spectrums to mere opposites.

Caught between the mainstream culture’s persistent discounting of bisexuality, the sensationalizing characterizations presented in media, and the sexual liberation movement’s continual disregard of bisexuality as a serious identity, bisexual people are often not seen or heard when they speak out. There is a vital need for these earnest voices to be heard in the new century. Enormous cultural changes have occurred in the past 25 years, yes, but understanding bisexualities has just begun.

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Bicoastal Introduction
    • Overview
    • Myths/realities of bisexuality by Sharon Forman Sumpter
    • This poem can be put off no longer by Susan Carlton
    • The queer in me by Carol A. Queen
    • Ninety-three people = 100% acceptance by Cornelius Utz
    • I am who I am — a married bisexual teacher by Amanda Yoshizaki
    • Worth the balancing by Alan Silver
    • Development of a bisexual identity: understanding the process by Ann Fox
    • What do Indians think about? by Joe Rios
    • Making my own way by Laura Johnson
    • Bisexual feminist man by Dave Matteson
    • She kissed me! by Laney Nelson
    • More than a footnote by C.J. Barragan III
    • My life as a lesbian-identified bisexual fag hag by Ellen Terris
    • My underself by Chandini Goswami
    • A gift to myself by Nate Brown
    • Points of reference by C. K. Ferrier
    • Love, friendship, and sex by Wayne Bryant
    • Bisexual tendecies by Lisa Yost
    • A question of invisibility by Rifka Reichler
    • Double quest by Nachama
    • Insights at 3:30 a.m. by Victoria Woodard
    • What I need is: in contemplation of bisexuality by Ronda Slater
    • Overview
    • My foundations by Dajenya
    • Coming out in spirit and in flesh by Karen Hurley
    • Just another lingering flu by David Lourea
    • Beyond bisexual by Annie Sprinkle
    • Let me doctor your love by Neil MacLean
    • Sacred rituals by Karla Rossi
    • Letting go: an interview with John Horne by Loraine Hutchins
    • Reclaiming heart and mind by Leonard Tirado
    • Room for you by Betsy Rose
    • Overview
    • Bisexuality, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and me by Elizabeth Reba Weise
    • Two-way closet by Michael Brewer
    • The palmist knew by Brenda Blasingame
    • A healing journey by Hap Stewart
    • [untitled] by Irene Wolt
    • Gray-haired and above suspicion by Bobbi Keppel
    • Growing up with a bisexual dad by Billy and Peaches Jones
    • A few brave and gifted people by Chris Girard
    • A day in the life by Richard Susan Bassein
    • Never, never boring… by Mattie Key
    • [untitled] by Selena Julie Whang
    • A man, a woman, attention by Shu Wei Chen
    • Don’t call me by Janet Bohac
    • Bisexual movies by Paul Haut
    • Bi-loveable Japanese feminist by Kei Uwano
    • The most natural thing: an interview with Arlene Krantz by Marcy Sheiner
    • Affirmation: Bisexual Mormon by Christopher Alexander
    • I have always been one by Suzanne
    • ¿Qué es un bisexual? by Obie Leyva
    • The foundations of the bisexual community in San Francisco: an interview with Dr. Maggi Rubenstein by Marcy Sheiner
    • The “b” word by Matthew LeGrant
    • From the closet to the stage by Robyn Ochs
    • Overview
    • Loving whom we choose by Lisa Orlando
    • Coming out to Congress by Cliff Arnesen
    • ONE… by Sharon Hwang Colligan
    • What’s in a name? by Naomi Tucker
    • Sisterhood crosses gender preference lines by Dajenya
    • The voice of a wandering Jewish bisexual by Rebecca Gorlin
    • Another senseless loss by Dolores Bishop
    • “Out”line of one man’s polymorphic liberation by ben e factory
    • Beyond defense: considering next steps for bisexual liberation by Rebeecca Shuster
    • Guilt politics by Annn Schneider
    • My pet peeves by Elise Krueger
    • Can bisexuals be monagamous? by Lenore Norrgard
    • The fine art of labeling: the convergence of anarchism, feminism, and bisexuality by Lucy Friedland and Liz A. Highleyman
    • Conflicts by Sheilah Mabry
    • Potential lovers by Rich Aranow
    • Hapa haole wahine by Lani Kaahumanu
    • Bisexuality: the best thing that ever happened to lesbian-feminism? by Beth Elliot
    • Talking about sex, gender, and desire by Karen Klassen
    • Love that kink by Loraine Hutchins
    • Choosing not to by Michael Ambrosino
    • Present tense: biphobia as a crisis of meaning by Amanda Udis-Kessler
    • Political activism: a brief history
  • Resources
  • Glossary


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