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AUTHOR: Anna Kochetkova
PUBLISHER: Debut Books
DATE: 2021
PAGES: [unknown]

Bi & Prejudice

Bisexuality has yet to see its liberation from the grip of stigma and misunderstanding. As we continue evolving our language, inviting more self-awareness and acceptance, conversations like the one in this book can become more possible.

This book is one person’s story attempting to connect the dots of identity and sexuality across years, continents, and cultures. With more safe and honest conversations about bisexuality, we can begin to understand the nuances of being a human and hopefully help you to explore parts of self along the way.

  • Introduction
  • A note from the author
  • Connecting the dots
  • Beautiful love
  • Voices
  • Pink for the girls and blue for the boys
  • The bearers of love
  • Not bisexual yet
  • Safe skin
  • Playing safe
  • The crossroad
  • Happy endings
  • The illusive letter
  • All the important dots
  • Tell a different story
  • Acknowledgements
  • Further reading and viewing

“I want to remind all the bisexuals who are reading this today that when other people accuse you of everything you are not, they are often revealing their own struggles with sex, sexuality, sensuality, trust and loyalty, mental health and sense of self, among other things, whatever the reasons may be. Be kind to yourself and others. Let them be.”
– Anna Kochetkova, Bi & Prejudice (2021)

“I have reached a time in my life when I am learning to stand proud and quieten the voices — within and outside myself — that attempt to keep me in my box. It was a long journey here. When I started connecting the dots on my journey, it meant that some of my relationships were going to change, people were going to be hurt and some of the most courageous and scary steps were going to be taken.”
– Anna Kochetkova, Bi & Prejudice (2021)

“Bisexuals are accused of being promiscuous, not simply because we have this beautiful capacity within us to love but because we are oppressed by those who uphold prude, conservative and unnatural ideas.”
– Anna Kochetkova, Bi & Prejudice (2021)

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