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AUTHOR: Bary Kohn, Alice Matusow
DATE: 1980
PAGES: 217
ISBN: 9780130561503

Barry and Alice: Portrait of a Bisexual Marriage

by Bary Kohn and Alice Matusow

In Barry and Alice, One of the most controversial and misunderstood issues of our time is brought into the open. Presenting an intimate, detailed portrait of their relationship, Barry and Alice describe with candor and sensitivity their personal lives and lifestyle, and they talk about the important role bisexuality has come to play in their marriage — a marriage that began not only with a traditional wedding ceremony, but with the traditional ideas of faithfulness and heterosexuality as well.

Here is a moving account of bArry and Alice’s agonizing and lonely struggle in coming to terms with their bisexuality. It tells of Barry’s guilt, shame, and confusion on first discovering his bisexuality; of Alice’s reaction of anger, shock, and dismay when she learned that her husband was bisexual; and of Alice’s growing awareness of her own bisexuality. In dramatic detail, we learn how the authors’ courageous exploration and acceptance of their own sexuality not only helped to strengthen their marriage, but led to new growth, creativity, and personal fulfillment for both authors.

Now, as group leaders and counselors to other married people encountering similar questions, Barry Kohn and Alice Matusow offer much-needed support and guidance to countless couples who no longer have to face their situation alone. With the example of their own personal story and case histories from other marriages, they discuss all the important issues, including exploring one’s sexuality, telling the truth to one’s partner, open relationships, jealousy, communicating about sex, how to handle children, therapy and other resources, as well as other topics of deep concern to anyone involved in an intimate, long-term relationships, regardless of his or her sexuality.


Both Barry Kohn and Alice Matusow identified as bisexual and their marriage was open to outside relationships with people of any gender.


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