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AUTHOR: Fiona Dawson
PUBLISHER: Publish Your Purpose
DATE: November 15, 2022
PAGES: 128

Thanks author Fiona Dawson for donating a copy of Are Bisexuals Just Greedy? to the Bi Pan Library.

Are Bisexuals Just Greedy?: Animated Answers for all People who Simply Want to Understand the Spectrum of Being LGBTQ+

by Fiona Dawson

How is gender identity different from sexual orientation? Do our genitals predict our gender? Why is it important to use a person’s correct pronouns? Fiona Dawson (she/her) answers these questions and more in her candid picture book for people old enough to swear and talk about sex, Are Bisexuals Just Greedy?

For thousands of years, cultures around the world have had a concept of gender and sex as being nonbinary. With humor and wit, Dawson offers a direct and uncomplicated explanation of terms within the LGBTQ+ community for anyone curious to know more about gender and sexuality.

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