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AUTHOR: June Jordan
DATE: 1998
PAGES: 288

Affirmative Acts: Political Essays

by June Jordan

Piercingly intuitive, eloquent, and caustic, Affirmative Acts is an address to the social, economic, racial, and political conflicts that mar the otherwise beautiful human experience.

In this new collection of political essays, Jordan explores the confusion of an America in the grip of pseudo-multiculturalism and political intolerance. Continuing in the tradition of her classic collections Civil Wars and Technical Difficulties, Jordan acquaints readers with moments of American life threatened by social negligence and economic despair. With her characteristic insight, Jordan unveils how these too-frequent bouts of civil unrest bring out the weakest parts of the American spirit and challenges readers to remain inspired as society approaches the millennium.

June Jordan’s wisdom shines through in this brilliant collection of inspirational essays, which will be eagerly awaited by Jordan loyalists and enjoyed by her new readers. 


Author June Jordan identified as bisexual.

  • Mandela and the Kingdom Come
  • Intifada, USA
  • Thomas was not the point
  • The big-time coward
  • On the night of November 3, 1992
  • Valentine’s Day, 1992
  • The light of the fire
  • Willing and able
  • I am seeking an attitude
  • The truth of Ridney King
  • Islam and the USA Today
  • Bosnia betrayed
  • Freedom time
  • A good fight
  • Ruth and Naomi, David and Jonathan: one love
  • Give me two reasons
  • A powerful hatred
  • We are all refugees
  • O.J. Simpson: Innocent of What?
  • An angry black woman on the subject of angry white man
  • Where I live now
  • Where I live no, part 2
  • In the land of white supremacy
  • My mess, and ours
  • Justice at risk
  • Getting down on my street
  • On bisexuality and cultural pluralism
  • Eyewitness in lebanon
  • Notes toward a model of resistance
  • Besting a worst case scenario
  • On the politics of change
  • A good news’ blues: a jazz prose-poem
  • The revolution now: update on beloved community
  • Root canal to the future of women
  • Tribute to Paul Robeson
  • Affirmative acts: language, information, and power
  • Bilingual education and home language
  • Update on Martin Luther King, Jr. and the best of my heart
  • A couple of words on behalf of sex (itself)
  • Break the law!


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