Adam’s Rib: An Analysis of Normal Bisexuality in Each of Us

AUTHOR: Martin G. Vorhaus, MD
PUBLISHER: Horizon Press
DATE: 1959
PAGES: 175

Publisher’s Description

This is the first popular book, readily comprehensible by the layman, written toward an understanding of our bisexuality — the other sex in each of us. It is the believe of this well-known physician — after forty years of wide experience— that bisexuality is one of the most important, and the least understood, of the fundamental factors in human personality. Moreover, in the present status of society, basic understanding of bisexuality — in ourselves and in others — is not easily achieved, either by education or by the nature of our experience.

Dr. Vorhaus has written Adam’s Rib to fill this need. It is a study of normal as well as asocial behavior resulting from the influence of bisexual motivations upon the personality. And it demonstrates how adequate recognition of both male and female components in all of us is a basic necessity in the major experiences of life: from the search for identity and the choice of a career to the achievement of happy marriage and a mature relationship to society.

[Inside flap]

Readers of the manuscript of this book have said that it is ahead of its time, that most men and women are not yet ready to accept the truths about the sexual revolution explained in these pages. The publisher’s believe that this is only partly so: It is true that everything Dr. Vorhaus says in this frank book touches, at some point or other, every person who picks it up. And there are doubtless readers who may refuse to accept— or even dare to think about — the new sexual concepts stated here with such simple clarity. But there are also adult readers to whom the frank observations made by Dr. Vorhaus will come as confirmation of their personal experience. Others will fine, in these revealing pages, welcome illumination of the deepest instincts, which they may have sensed consciously but never expressed before — as we so often do when we think certain feelings are true only of ourselves. And for many of us who may never have acknowledged hidden sexual drives, this book may come as a shock of recognition.

But every man and woman, whether married or on the way to marriage, will be helped by this recognition of both male and female components in each of us — the healthy recognition that frank awareness of our needs is a basic necessity for a happy marriage, as well as a joyful fusion of all the elements inherent in the relationship with the opposite sex.

Library Notes

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