The Bi Pan Library is a physical archive and online directory of media created by bi, pan, and m-spec people, as well as media focused on bi, pan, and m-spec characters and issues. The library seeks to:

  • Increase access to bi/pan/fluid/m-spec media through a digital directory and physical archive.
  • Create resources suited to the needs of bi/pan/fluid/m-spec people.
  • Provide research assistance to students, educators, queer organizations, researchers, journalists, parents, and community-seeking bi/pan/fluid/m-spec people.

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The library’s collection was begun privately by Bren Frederick in 2015, born out of a frustration at the lack of history, literature, and arts resources for the bi community. By 2018, Frederick’s collection included 150 bi/pan books, and she took on a personal challenge of reading exclusively bi/pan books and authors for the entirety of 2019. Mid-challenge, she stumbled across an article by Christina Neuwirth who also happened to have committed to “reading bisexually” in 2019. After reaching out via email, they quickly became friends. The library’s website and Instagram were launched in 2020, and are currently run by Frederick with assistance from Neuwirth. Read a personal letter from the founder here.

The library runs entirely on book and cash donations from the community, and to date most funds for the library’s physical collection have been provided by the founder. You can support the library with a monthly donation via Patreon or a one-time donation via Ko-fi.

Video with numbers counting up. Text says "We've collected 477 books since 2015."


The library’s physical collection is kept in private storage in Washington State, USA and materials are currently available for viewing by appointment only (all viewing on hold due to COVID). Our goal is to eventually expand into our own office or bookmobile, or collaborate with a larger queer archive to make our collection available in-person to the general public.

The Bi Pan Library sits on unceded ancestral lands of the Duwamish people, who have cared for it across generations. Today, the Duwamish people remain unacknowledged by the federal, state, and local governments and do not have just access to their land’s resources. We stand in solidarity with First Peoples of this area by paying monthly rent to Duwamish tribal services, which supports revival of Duwamish culture and wellbeing of the Duwamish Tribe.


Bren Frederick
Librarian & Founder, she/her

A disabled bisexual activist and former bookseller, Bren has been researching and collecting bi+ and mspec literature since 2015. By day she produces a top ranking literary podcast. Bren lives in WA state with her partner, their two children catsand a suffocating number of bookshelves.

Christina Neuwirth
Library Assistant, she/they

Originally from Austria, Christina is a researcher, writer and bookseller based in Scotland. She decided to read only bisexual books in 2019 and she hasn’t stopped. Her debut novella Amphibian was published in 2018 by Speculative Books. She lives in Edinburgh with her partner and a big ginger cat.

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