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AUTHOR: Steven Angelides 
PUBLISHER: University of Chicago Press
September 15, 2001

Thanks to an anonymous friend of the library for donating a copy of A History of Bisexuality to the Bi Pan Library collection.

A History of Bisexuality

by Steven Angelides 

Why is bisexuality the object of such skepticism? Why do sexologists steer clear of it in their research? Why has bisexuality, in stark contrast to homosexuality, only recently emerged as a nascent political and cultural identity? Bisexuality has been rendered as mostly irrelevant to the history, theory, and politics of sexuality. With A History of Bisexuality, Steven Angelides explores the reasons why, and invites us to rethink our preconceptions about sexual identity. Retracing the evolution of sexology, and revisiting modern epistemological categories of sexuality in psychoanalysis, gay liberation, social constructionism, queer theory, biology, and human genetics, Angelides argues that bisexuality has historically functioned as the structural other to sexual identity itself, undermining assumptions about heterosexuality and homosexuality.

  • Acknowledgements
    • 1. Introducing Bisexuality
  • Part 1: Constructing Sexual Identity
    • 2. Science and the Invention of (Bi) Sexuality
    • 3. “The Unsolved Figure in the Carpet”
    • 4. The Pink Threat
  • Part 2: Deconstructing Sexual Identity
    • 5. The Repressed Returns
    • 6. Sexuality and Subjection
    • 7. The Queer Intervention
    • 8. Beyond Sexuality
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index


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