“M-spec” is short for“multiple-attraction spectrum” or “multisexual spectrum” It’s an inclusive umbrella term for the many different ways people express attraction beyond gender. M-spec includes people who use words for themselves such as bi, pan, omni, fluid, flexible, curious & more, as well as some people who don’t use labels at all. Many people combine … Continue reading WHAT DOES “M-SPEC” MEAN?


There are hundreds of books about bi, pan, and fluid sexuality in the world, and the Bi Pan Library does not yet have the resources to catalogue them all online. This page currently only lists the books we have physically collected. We do also keep a spreadsheet of book titles and authors to research and obtain in … Continue reading BI, PAN, & M-SPEC NONFICTION


The Bi Pan Library is a physical archive and online directory of media created by bi, pan, and m-spec people, as well as media focused on bi, pan, and m-spec characters and issues. MISSION Increase access to bi+ media, through digital directories and a physical archive. Create bi, pan, and m-spec specific resources and provide … Continue reading About


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Zine Directory

All the bi, pan, and m-spec zines listed in this directory are available to read online or purchase as physical copies. This list is ALL the titles the library is currently aware of, so if you know of a zine we should add (especially if it is your own), please send in a media suggestion … Continue reading Zine Directory

Bi Pan Library Homepage

A US-based Bi+ media library and online directory dedicated to increasing hands-on interaction with Bi+ history and culture and providing resources for all creators shaping modern queer history.