New arrivals: Fall 2022

This Fall we added several books on the encouragement of friends of the library, such as Lucas Scheelk’s poetry collection A Prayer For A Non-Religious Autistic and a very generous donation of five books from Windy & Wallflower. Purchasing focused on memoirs, including a very exciting children’s book about author and inventor Margaret Wise Brown, perhaps the first read-aloud book to specifically reference attraction to multiple genders.

A Prayer For A Non-Religious Autistic
by Lucas Scheelk

A family history book for those who (in various ways) choose their own, a Jewish conversion story, disability advocacy, and a behind-the-scenes feature on the effects of misdiagnosis, mental illness, and addiction.

Nonbinary: A Memoir
by Genesis P-Orridge

World-renowned fine artist Genesis P-Orridge takes us on a journey searching for identity and their true self. It is the story of a life of creation and destruction, where Genesis P-Orridge reveals their unwillingness to be stuck—stuck in one place, in one genre, or in one gender. 

Paint the Town Red, Vol 1 and Vol 2
by Winter J. Kiakas and Tas Mukanik

Paint The Town Red is a noir-inspired rom-com about monster babes (of the more femme persuasion) who kiss, date and have dramatic pasts, presents and futures! Paint the Town Red includes traditional favourite monsters: vampires, werewolves and demons all learning to try and co-exist with one another.

Myth Retold: Medusa
by Winter J. Kiakas

Cornered as the elusive love-interest to the horrible God of the Sea, Medusa strikes a deal with Athena to save herself from a terrible fate. She accepts the chance to become a gorgon, a monstrous form which soon becomes a prize of considerable acclaim for warriors and heroes across Ancient Greece. Until one of these heroes proves to be very different to those she’s faced before…

Prism Knights: Sapphire and Velvet
by Winter J. Kiakas

Sapphire: A poetic-prose story about a knight struggling with depression who meets and falls in love with a dragon and a royal. Based on Sleeping Beauty.
Velvet: A poetic-prose story about a bisexual knight overcoming grief. Based on The Twelve Princesses.

The Important Thing About Margaret Wise Brown
by Mac Barnett and Sarah Jacoby

In 42 inspiring pages, this biography by award-winning writer Mac Barnett vividly depicts one of the greatest children’s book creators who ever lived: Margaret Wise Brown, the author of Goodnight MoonThe Runaway Bunny, and The Little Fur Family. Illustrated with sumptuous art by rising star Sarah Jacoby, this is essential reading for children’s book lovers of every age.

Conjuring Black Funk: Notes on Culture, Sexuality, and Spirituality
by H. Sharif Williams

A fiery collection of essays, poetry, creative nonfiction, and experimental writing that challenges conventional thought, offers alternative perspectives, and suggests ways of practicing Afrocentric, queer liberation/transgression. This book is an important contribution to Black Queer Theory, Black Feminist Thought, and Afrocentric Thought.

The Body’s Alphabet
by Ann Tweedy

“Ann Tweedy’s first book is a brave and honest examination of liminality. In delicate lyrics she confesses to trespass, asking readers to question the boundaries between acts and identity, sexuality and family. The Body’s Alphabet documents the poet’s courage, living openly as a bisexual feminist.”

Deaf Utopia: A Memoir–And a Love Letter to a Way of Life
by Nyle DiMarco

In this moving and engrossing memoir, Deaf actor, producer, and model Nyle DiMarco shares stories, both heartbreaking and humorous, of what it means to navigate a world built for hearing people. From growing up in a rough-and-tumble childhood in Queens with his big and loving Italian-American family to where he is now, Nyle has always been driven to explore beyond the boundaries given him.

Black, White, and Jewish: Autobiography of a Shifting Self
by Rebecca Walker

When Mel Leventhal married Alice Walker during the civil rights movement in the 1960s, his mother declared him dead and sat shiva for him. By the time her parents divorced, when Rebecca was eight, the excitement of the milieu that had brought her parents together had died down and the foundation that gave her life meaning dropped out from under her. Black, White, and Jewish, her much-anticipated memoir, is the story of a child’s unique struggle for identity and home when nothing in her world tells her who she is or where she belongs.

Baby Love : Choosing Motherhood after a Lifetime of Ambivalence
by Rebecca Walker

After a lifetime of ambivalence about becoming a mother, Rebecca Walker decided to have a baby. As a member of the generation who believe in ‘having it all’, a career and a baby, she found that having a baby can mean losing oneself in caring for another. Yet she also found it to be the most meaningful experience of her life.

The Black Book (5th Edition)
edited by Bill Brent

A fabulous resource for anyone with a libido, this all-new 5th Edition of THE BLACK BOOK includes hundreds of listings — from sex clubs to stores that sell whips and chains, swingers’ gatherings, bed & breakfasts that cater to cross-dressers, makers of ‘watersports’ videos, on and on. Thoroughly indexed, with full contact information for every listing, and a mind-boggling array of lists in the back — leather bars, lesbian hang-outs, sexy websites. Simply the best resource there is, on the actual practice of unusual sex.

Bisexuality in Europe : Sexual Citizenship, Romantic Relationships, and Bi+ Identities
edited by Emiel Maliepaard, Renate Baumgartner

Bisexuality in Europe offers an accessible and diverse overview of research on bisexuality and bi+ people in Europe, providing a foundation for theorising and empirical work on plurisexual orientations and identities, and the experiences and realities of people who desire more than one sex or gender

Let us know in the comments or our contact form what bi, pan, and fluid titles we should consider adding to the library’s shelves next — or sponsor the purchase via our Ko-fi to guarantee we get a copy!

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