In the process of researching media for the Bi Pan Library, I come across so much content that doesn’t quite fit into the social media & website plans for the month, but are still totally worth sharing. In Bi Pan Browser History, I’ll be sharing the most interesting bi/pan/fluid tidbits from my 237 open tabs.

My Browser History

Β In Thor: Ragnorak, Valkyrie (played by Tessa Thomas) had her comics-canon bisexuality stolen from her when the confirming scene was cut. But word on the street is that Valkyrie’s role in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder is larger and will explore her bisexuality. I’ll believe it when I see it, MCU.

My Twitter Feed

Pan Support‘s newest project is absolutely delightful β€” a survey gathering stories about how the pan label has brought positivity, affirmation, and joy to the pan community and their loved ones. If you’re pan, please go participate!

My YouTube History

I’m From Driftwood’s archive is a treasure trove of emotional, enlightening oral history. There are so many stories I could link here from the marathon watch I did last week, but David’s story of coming out as bi to his family after the death of his father was a especially touching. Give I’m From Driftwood a follow on YouTube!

Let me know in the comments or at what m-spec news and joy is hiding in YOUR browser history, and I might include it in the next post!

Bren Frederick (she/her) is a disabled bisexual and genderfluid activist, former bookseller, and founder of the Bi Pan Library. Bren lives in WA state with her partner, their two children catsand a suffocating number of bookshelves.

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