September was a great month for the Bi Pan Library! Our Instagram rebooted with a fresh new look, work began in earnest on the website, and a handful of nonfiction titles and zines landed on the Bi Pan Library shelves. You can read all about the new titles below.

Books added this month…

Bisexual Characters in Film : From Ana’s to Zee
by Wayne M. Bryant (1997)

How far have we progressed from the days when showing a film such as Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures landed the cinema’s programmer, projectionist, and ticket taker in jail? What are some of the hidden clues modern audiences are overlooking in older films that suggest a character’s bisexuality? Which famous actors, actresses, directors, and screenwriters were attracted to people of both sexes? In Bisexual Characters in Film, the first book to focus on the role of bisexual characters in film, you’ll find answers to these questions and many more as you explore, analyze, and celebrate 80 years of bisexual movie characters (and the people who have created them) from around the world. A lively, entertaining, and informative commentary, this book examines the treatment of bisexual film characters and shows you how that treatment has been affected by societal forces such as censorship, politics, religious prejudices, homophobia, and sexual stereotypes.

Assume Nothing: Evolution of a Bi-Dyke, Starring Liliane
by Leanne Franson (2000)

“Leanne Franson brings you an amazing collection of comic strips featuring her semi-autobiographical character Liliane. This volume contains Liliane’s coming-out story, the discovery of a chunk of human skin in her apartment and her quest to become pregnant by any means necessary!”

Teaching Through Trauma: Starring Bi-Dyke Liliane
Leanne Franson (1999)

“Follow bi-dyke Liliane through her tragicomic life as she bounces from relationship catastrophe to relationship catastrophe, learning a little every time. Lessons today include: first dates, sexuality, family, love, work, art, pets and sperm donors. Who needs self-help books when you’ve got Liliane!?!”

Magazines added this month…

Anything That Moves issue #5 (1993)

Anything That Moves magazine was a US bisexual magazine, published by the San Francisco Bay Area Bisexual Network (now the Bay Area Bi+ & Pan Network) between 1990 and 2002. You can read scans of Anything That Moves issue #5 via the Archiving Anything That Moves project.

Zines added this month

Let us know in the comments or our contact form what Bi+ titles we should consider adding to the library’s shelves next — or sponsor the purchase via our Adopt-A-Book program to guarantee we get a copy!

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